How to Increase Your The Return on the Foot Traffic in Your Retail Store During Black Friday

Hopefully you will see a large influx of foot traffic during the holidays. But with that in mind the question becomes are you fully leveraging the amount of people that are going to be in your retail store.

In this holiday Marketing article we are going to go into a simple little tactic to make sure that more of the people that walk into your store end up spending money with you. Here is the thing a lot of people are going to walk into your store feel like what you have to offer is worth them buying right away… but they are going to want to check another location to see if they can get a better deal. The one exception to this rule is if the product you are selling is such a great deal that your customer is afraid someone else will buy it. Normally the only way to do this is by cutting prices and cutting your margins.

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Another way to build in a similar amount of urgency into your customer is to have one of your employees stand at the front door and give a coupon that is good only for the day that your customer is in the store. The coupon can have any kind of offer you feel is going have enough value to motivate your customers. But it must be understood by your customers that this coupon is good for today.

Handing out coupons

In the beginning of describing this strategy I talk about having one of your employees stand at the front of your retail store to great your customer and offer them this coupon. The reason I normally describe this idea by having your employee in the front of the store is because that is the easiest way control the fact that everyone in your store is going to get a coupon. So if you have a very large store front then that is probably the best way to hand out the coupons.

But I have seen a measurable difference in response of the people when the employee of the retail store walks up to the customer while they are looking at what they are thinking about buying and offer the coupon, while letting them know about the one day discount. This works really well in retail stores with electronics or other slightly higher end items. This concept works even better if the employee hands them the coupon, starts a conversation about the product and answers any questions the customer has. Then after all of that does the math for your customers. This way your customers understand fully what the discount will bring them as far as savings go.

Survival of retail shops is dependent on traffic and survival is only guaranteed only if the foot traffic can be increased making the question ‘does advertising increase foot traffic?’ even more vital, as implementing new marketing strategies requires money and can be very difficult for small retailers. In all actuality, no one needs to worry about too much money spent on advertising as new and innovative ways of online marketing have reduced advertising costs several folds.


The following are some of the most common, popular and most effective ways to answer the question:

  • Local ads placed through ‘Google Local ads,
  • Using ‘Craiglist’ marketing,
  • Recession proof coupons,
  • Press release marketing,
  • Advertising through Blogs,
  • Local Online directories,
  • Use store locator software on your website,
  • E-mail marketing for special offers,
  • Creating a customer review site,
  • Hosting local product launches
  • Starting a niche shopping directory.

All the above are very effective ways of increasing traffic at your store, while some may require greater investments than others most of them can be implemented for FREE or very little investment.

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The question, ‘does advertising increase foot traffic?’ has a very simple answer if it is dealt with a little technological know-how and innovation, but the fact of the matter remains that gains will not be evident in one day and time must be given for the implemented strategy to gain its full effectiveness.

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